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Millions of People to Lose Unemployment Benefits This Month

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Nearly two million people across the country will no longer be receiving unemployment benefits this month, as Congress voted not to renew extended jobless benefits by November 30. Unless Congress changes its mind, MSNBC reports that benefits that had been extended up to 99 weeks will end.

People that are jobless will still be able to collect benefits, but compensation will expire after just six months of unemployment. This puts millions of unemployed individuals in a financially unstable position right before the holiday season.

According to ABC KIVA, there were 466,000 people in the state of Texas receiving some type of unemployment benefits through October of this year. The state's unemployment rate in October was at 8.1 percent and the national unemployment rate was slightly higher at 9.6 percent. The Texas Workforce Commission estimates that 200,000 people will be immediately affected with Congress not extending job benefits.

Yet even with Congress' decision to not extend unemployment benefits, Houston employment lawyers and the Texas Workforce Commission will continue to instruct claimants on how to file for unemployment benefits in the state. Most employees who have been laid off, wrongfully discharged, or forced to leave employment for a compelling reason are entitled to receive unemployment compensation benefits for at least six months or until they find new work.

If you are preparing for an unemployment benefits hearing, it may help to speak with a Houston employment lawyer. For more general information about unemployment benefits and how to file for an unemployment benefits claim, visit our Related Resources pages.

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