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High Unemployment Rate For College Graduates

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The unemployment rate for Americans with at least a bachelor's degree rose to 5.1 percent last month, which USA Today reports as the highest unemployment rate among college grads since the year 1970. The national unemployment rate also rose to 9.8 percent from 9.6 percent last month.

A high unemployment rate among college graduates could be problematic around the country and in the state of Texas, because students often graduate from college with loans. Not being able to pay off student loans or other bills could drive some individuals into debt. Economists now know that times are tough when the college unemployment rate is at a 40 year low.

Many people in Texas that are unemployed will look into Unemployment Insurance for compensation, but many Texans that are recent college graduates may not qualify for the state's unemployment benefits. In order to be eligible for Unemployment Insurance, the Texas Workforce Commission reports that a person must have earned wages during a recent 12-month period. The employee must also be unemployed through no fault of their own (laid off or fired without work-related misconduct) in order to receive the unemployment benefits.

If there is a dispute with an Unemployment Insurance claim in Texas, the employer and former employee will likely have to attend a court hearing to each argue their case on whether or not unemployment benefits should be paid. Anybody with questions about their legal rights under the state's unemployment compensation system should contact a Houston employment lawyer in the area to learn more information.

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