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Pace Opportunity Center Employee Sues Over Unpaid Overtime Wages

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An employee of a group home for individuals with mental disabilities claims that he was required to live in the facility for a total of 19 hours each day Monday through Friday and 15.5 hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays. However, the employee J.D. Brownlee alleges that he never received overtime compensation for the hours worked in excess of 40 hours during any one work week.

The Southeast Texas Record reports that J.D. Brownlee is claiming violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) in a lawsuit against Pace Opportunity Centers Inc. The suit was reportedly filed on October 19 in the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division.

While working with Pace Opportunity Centers, J.D. Brownlee had the responsibility of working as a direct care staff member. It was his job to oversee individuals with mental disabilities, provide personal social adjustment, recreation, social skills training, and maintain a safe and clean home environment. The Pace website states that the company has been providing group homes for people with mental disabilities since 1985.

In this case, the plaintiff is seeking damages for unpaid overtime, liquidated damages, attorney's fees, costs and interest. FLSA establishes rules for overtime at the federal level, where a non-exempt employee working more than 40 hours in a given work week must be paid one and one half times their regular rate of pay. Anybody who does not receive proper wages under FLSA should contact a Houston employment lawyer to learn more information on filing a claim.

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