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Number of FMLA Claims Increases in 2010

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The Family Medical Leave Act entitles many employees to as much as 12 weeks of leave in a 12-month period so that personal or family medical problems can be taken care of. FindLaw states that employers must provide this leave if 50 or more workers have been employed with the company or agency for at least the past 20 weeks. Any covered employee who has their rights violated under FMLA or is retaliated against for taking family medical leave can contact a Houston employment lawyer to file a claim.

Apparently people all around the country are doing just this. According to, claims related to FMLA have increased by more than 10 percent this year, as stated through a report by FMLASource. Perhaps more people in the United States are becoming aware of their rights under FMLA or perhaps less companies want to provide family medical leave protection to workers in such tough economic times.

"As companies continue to operate with leaner staffs in a slowly recovering economy, many workers are seeking FMLA job protection in order to take time off to care for themselves as well as family members," Jim Brown, vice president of FMLASource told WorldAtWork. "These trends highlight the need for integrating support services."

The top reasons FMLASource cites for taking family medical leave during 2010 are for a personal illness or injury, to take care of a child, and to take care of an elderly relative. Other reasons why a person would take family medical leave include time off for pregnancy, time off for the adoption of a child or birth of a child, and time off to take care of any family member that has an illness.

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