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Former Employee Sues Transit Authority in Harris County

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Peter Thachamattam, an Indian from Alief, believed that he was denied a promotion with the Metropolitan Transit Authority because of his race. After complaining of racial discrimination in the workplace, Ultimate Aldine News reported thatthe employee was terminated from the company.

Claiming violations of the Texas Labor Code, Peter Thachamattam is now suing the Metropolitan Transit Authority in Harris County District Court. Thachamattam claims that he was retaliated against for complaining of racial discrimination and now has a Houston employment lawyer representing him in the lawsuit. He is seeking punitive and exemplary damages, as well as court costs in this employment law case.

On the other side, the Metropolitan Transit Authority claimed to fire Peter Thachamattam because he made a threatening gesture to co-workers and performed his duties unsatisfactorily. It will now be up to a lawyer to prove that the termination was due to racial discrimination.

FindLaw states that racial discrimination in the workplace violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act at the federal level. Retaliating against an employee who files a complaint on the basis of race-related issues is a form of racial discrimination under Title VII. In addition to outlawing racial discrimination in the workplace, Title VII also prohibits discrimination on the basis of color, religion, sex, and national origin. More information on federal and state employment discrimination laws can be found through Chapter 21 of Title 2 of the Texas Labor Code.

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