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Mainland Tool Employee Sues For Wrongful Termination

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Diane Burnett claims that she was fired from her position at Mainland Tool in Galveston County after she refused to participate in illegal activity. Now, the woman has an employment lawyer and has filed a lawsuit seeking monetary damages.

The Southeast Texas Record reports that Diane Burnett saw that Mainland Tool was stealing from its costumers by not refunding invoices that were overpaid. The suit claims that more than 15 clients of the company were due large refunds or future credit. Diane Burnett then allegedly told the owner of Mainland Tool that she would not help him steal from clients. The woman was then terminated from Mainland Tool and claims that the owner even threatened her by saying that she would be arrested.

In addition to the claims of Mainland Tool stealing money from clients, Diane Burnett also alleged that she was forced to drink alcoholic beverages, smoke marijuana, and have a sexual relationship with the company owner while working as an office administrator for the company.

Many people in the Houston area associate wrongful termination claims with employment discrimination. However, FindLaw states that wrongful termination suits are not always discrimination-based and that such claims can also cover a violation of oral and written employment agreements or retaliation-based termination. If you've been terminated from a job, you may want to contact a Houston employment lawyer  to learn more about your rights when it comes to severance pay, damages, or unemployment compensation.

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