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Woman Sues Employer Over Work Related Injury

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An employee of Tractor Supply Co. in Marshall, Texas is suing her employer for "failing to provide a safe place to work,"  according to the Southeast Texas Record. Linda Myers filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division after a metal and glass sign allegedly fell from the ceiling and landed onto her head. She claims that the injury caused significant medical care including cervical fusion of vertebral bodies.

Several defendants have been named in the suit including Tractor Supply Co., Tractor Supply Company of Texas, Specialty Risk Services, RVE Marshall Crossroads, RVE Management Co. and Rogers Venture Enterprises. With help from a Texas employment lawyer, Linda Myers is suing for wrongful denial of wage and medical benefits and seeking damages for physical pain, mental anguish, medical expenses, physical impairment, lost earnings and loss of earning capacity, interest, court costs, exemplary damages and attorney fees.

Most employees are covered by workers' compensation, which provides money to employees who suffer from on-the-job related injuries. However, certain employees are excluded from workers' compensation benefits, including independent contractors, casual workers, farm workers, and unpaid volunteers. An employee who is not covered by workers' compensation can often sue the employer in court for damages if he or she is injured in the workplace.

Employees who are looking to collect workers' compensation for a work-related injury should contact a Texas employment lawyer to learn more information about filing a claim. For up-to-date information on workers' comp in Texas, visit the Texas Department of Insurance's website at

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