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Jobless Rate in Texas Continues to Fall

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According to the Alvarado post, the Texas unemployment rate dropped to 8.2 percent in June 2010, which was down from 8.3 percent in May 2010. With these numbers, things are certainly looking optimistic for employment in the Lone Star state, especially since the U.S unemployment rate is sitting way above the state unemployment rate at 9.5 percent.

Perhaps the unemployment trends are looking up since the number of manufacturing jobs in Texas is increasing. The San Antonio Express reports that Texas is acutually one of five states that added manufacturing jobs in each of the first six months of 2010. Texas currently has the second-largest manufacturing workforce in the nation behind California.

From the January-to-June period, the state of Texas added 22,800 jobs, which is a 2.8 percent increase from the beginning of the year. Now, let's just hope that the state continues to experience job growth and that the rise in manufacturing jobs is not short-lived.

Yet even though the state jobless rate continues to fall in the Lone Star state, there are still many Texans who are unemployed and have the right to file for unemployment benefits. Yet many Texans often have questions on how to file for Unemployment Insurance. Houston employment lawyers will often get involved in an unemployment insurance case if an employer challenges a former employee's unemployment claim. A Houston employment lawyer can also answer specific questions from current or former employees about unemployment claims in Texas.

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