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New Job Creation For June Takes a Dive Nationwide

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Unemployment rates spiked up a bit last month, when the country saw a decrease in new job creation, according to the New York Times. News reports say that the nation lost 125,000 jobs in the month of June, but that this trend in job loss is mostly due to the large number of temporary federal Census workers that left their jobs.

The United States added just 83,000 jobs across in the country in June. This number may seem like steady growth to some people, but economists say that the country needs to add about 130,000 jobs each month so that the economy can keep pace with all the new workers entering the market. The median duration of unemployment rose to about 25.5 weeks in the month of June, which is up from 23.2 weeks in May.

Fortunately, the state of Texas seems to be much better off than the rest of the country. According to Texas Ahead, the Lone Star state has had an unemployment rate at or below the national rate for 41 consecutive months. Yet there are still many Texans who probably feel the need to file for unemployment benefits when they have been put out of a job through no fault of their own.

In an earlier blog post we discussed how to file for unemployment benefits and in what situations a person is qualified to receive Unemployment Insurance. Houston employment lawyers will often get involved in an unemployment insurance case if an employer challenges a former employee's unemployment claim. A Houston employment lawyer can also answer specific questions from current or former employees about unemployment claims in Texas.

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