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Employees Wins Pregnancy Discrimination Suit Against Lucas Films

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George Lucas' company is now being criticized by employment lawyers across the country after a California jury awarded a former employee of the company $114,000 in damages in a wrongful termination suit.

The San Francisco based film company brought the Star Wars series and Indiana Jones films into the world, but many people may now be questioning how employees are treated at the film company. The Bay Citizen reports that former employee Julie Veronese sued the company, alleging that she was terminated from her position because she was pregnant.

She testified that she was asked during the job interview if she planned on having children, which is an illegal question to ask. Lucas's estate manager Sarita Patel, who asked the question to Julie Veronese reportedly stated, "I know I ask inappropriate questions, but I need to know." The plaintiff claimed that the estate manager also told another employee that she was "afraid to bring on a pregnant person."

Pregnancy discrimination in the workplace is illegal and many Houston employment lawyers work on cases that deal with such discrimination. Whether a person is an employee at a major film production company or a mom and pop type store, certain rights are guaranteed to pregnant women. See a Houston employment lawyer to learn more about pregnancy discrimination claims.

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