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When is a Person Entitled to Unemployment Benefits?

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If a person is put out of work at no fault of his or her own, then that person is usually entitled to receive unemployment compensation. This compensation is meant to provide temporary financial help to people who are actively searching for full-time work after they've been put out of a job.

The Texas Unemployment Compensation Act is the law that governs the unemployment insurance benefits in the state of Texas. Under this law, Texans are allowed to collect money during unemployment when they have earned wages in at least two of the past four base period calendar quarters. Wages during this base period are used to calculate the benefit amounts that you will receive.

The Texas Workforce Commission reports that the weekly benefit amount will be between $59 and $406 depending upon the wages earned. Yet qualification for unemployment benefits also depends on how a person was separated from his or her work. A person will qualify if he or she has been laid off from a job or if the person was fired without work-related misconduct. A person can be denied Unemployment Insurance if he or she was fired from a position for misconduct or voluntarily quit a position.

It's possible to file for unemployment insurance without a Houston employment employer. However, Houston employment lawyers will often get involved in an unemployment insurance case if an employer challenges a former employee's unemployment claim. Houston employment lawyers can also help former employees who have specific questions about their unemployment claims.

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