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Sexual Harassment Claims at Applebees Lead to EEOC Lawsuit

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Five women who claim that they were sexually harassed while working at an Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar restaurant in Bismarck, North Dakota are now filing a lawsuit with sexual harassment claims against the company, alleging that they were subjected to working in a sexually hostile environment. reports that the U.S Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed the federal lawsuit against Minot-based Food Management Investors Inc. and Apple Core Enterprises Inc., who do business as Applebee's restaurant in Bismarck. The lawsuit seeks financial damages and asks the court to require Apple Core Enterprises and FMI to adopt a sexual harassment prevention policy.

The women claim that while working at the Applebee's restaurant, the general manager Michael Cordova propositioned workers for sex, made sexual advances, and favored the female workers that participated in such conduct. This type of behavior violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. FindLaw states that such harassment is a form of sex discrimination and that it is illegal for an employer to make sexual conduct a condition or term of employment.

There are 10 Applebee's locations in the Houston area. All employees at these restaurants should be aware of their legal rights and the laws regarding sex discrimination. Anybody who believes that their civil rights have been violated should contact a Houston employment lawyer to learn more about filing a legal claim. An experienced employment lawyer can help protect your rights and to pursue a proper remedy if you've been the victim of discrimination.

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