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Doctor Wins Discrimination Case Against UT Southwestern

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University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center has been ordered to pay $3.6 million to a former doctor because of discrimination based on race and religion. The outcome of the lawsuit has certainly turned some heads in the Dallas community and has surprised many. reports that Dr. Naiel Nassar, a Muslim and Egyptian native who began working with UT Southwestern in 2001, sued the hospital after alleging retaliation. His Texas employment lawyers stated that the doctor was a well-respected physician in the hospital's HIV Clinic, but that he was never promoted because of his race and religious beliefs.

The lawyers claimed that Dr. Nassar eventually resigned from his position because of the racial and religious discrimination, and was going to take on a new position at Parkland Hospital. However, the Dean of the UT Southwestern School of Medicine blocked Dr. Nassar from his new position, by not giving him a favorable recommendation and by warning Parkland not to hire him. The doctor was then forced to take a position at a hospital in California.

A six day trial led jurors to side with Dr. Nassar after 45 minutes of deliberation. The jurors found that UT Southwestern constructively discharged Dr. Nassar because of his race, religion or national origin and that the employee was retaliated against through the objection of potential employment with Parkland Hospital.

Discrimination in the workplace that's based on race, national origin, gender, or religion violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Retaliation and harassment are both forms of discrimination. Anybody who believes that they have been discriminated against by a current or former employer should contact a Texas employment lawyer to learn more information about filing a claim.

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