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Can An Employer Legally Retaliate Against An Employee's Family?

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An interesting U.S. Supreme Court case will soon determine if a company can retaliate against an employee's friends, relatives, family, or spouse after an employee files a discrimination claim. The law currently does not allow for workplace retaliation against people who file discrimination claims, but does not say anything about retaliating against an employee's friend in the workplace. However, Associated Press does state that judges have ruled that the law does not allow people who haven't complained of discrimination to file a retaliation suit.

The Supreme Court case stems from a case involving Eric Thompson, who was fired from a North American Stainless, LP plant in Carroll County, Kentucky. The man claims that he was fired after his fiancee, who also works with North American Stainless, filed a discrimination complaint. The fiancee, Miriam Regalado, filed a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before Eric Thompson was fired, alleging that her supervisors at the company discriminated against her because of her sex.

Eric Thompson is trying to sue the stainless steel manufacturing plant because he claims that he was fired because of his fiancee's complaint. The case has been catching the attention of employment lawyers everywhere because the outcome of the case may open doors for a wider pool of people to file workplace retaliation claims.

The Supreme Court will be hearing arguments for Thompson v. North American Stainless this fall. Anybody who has questions about workplace retaliation claims should contact a Houston employment lawyer to learn more information about the process of filing an employment lawsuit.

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