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Worker Files Suit After Alleged Retaliation Firing

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One employee of B&E Resources has had to go through a great deal of legal trouble to receive workers' compensation. The Southeast Texas Record reports that the plaintiff, Webster Perkins, sustained work-related injuries while working for Professional Business Solutions, B&E Resources and Breckenridge Enterprises on July 24, 2008.

After the injury, Webster Perkins filed a workers' compensation claim with the Texas Workers' Compensation Commission, but the Texas Department of Insurance-Workers' Compensation Division filed an appeal. The appeals panel reportedly found that the man was not considered an employee of Breckenridge Enterprises at the time of the accident.

Since the plaintiff has not yet been awarded workers' compensation, it seems that him and his Texas employment lawyer are taking a different route and filing a wrongful termination suit, in addition to the workers' compensation claim. In his complaint, he stated that his company wrongfully terminated him in retaliation for filing the workers' compensation suit that was filed in Jefferson County District Court.

The wrongful termination complaint states that the defendants are liable to him for violations of the Texas Labor Code and other relief to which he may be entitled. He is seeking judgment that is separate from the final decision of the Appeals Panel.

When an employee has been fired from a position, he or she still has egal rights and could have a valid claim for wrongful termination, if the employee was put out of work for illegal reasons. A Houston employment lawyer can ensure that an employee's rights are protected and can file a claim when against a former employer in certain situations.

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