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Employee Suing RK Resources Over Unemployment Benefits

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Unemployment compensation can be very valuable for workers who were recently put out of a job. So if a person is denied unemployment benefits, when he or she believes that they're entitled to such benefits, then it may be a good idea to call a Houston employment lawyer and learn about the possibilities of filing a legal claim in order to collect unemployment compensation.

The Southeast Texas Record reports that a woman from Galveston County is now suing her former employer RK Resources and the Texas Workforce Commission over unemployment benefits. The plaintiff, Angie Smith, says that she qualifies to receive the unemployment benefits because she involuntary separated from her company when she was informed that her salary was going to be reduced.

Angie Smith was employed as a manager for RK Resources for more than two years, but when she was informed that her salary would be reduced by 20 percent, she argued that she was forced to leave her work because she could not afford the pay cut. The Texas Workforce Commission deemed the woman qualified for unemployment benefits, but TWC retracted their decision after RK Resources appealed the decision.

Texas employment lawyer Anthony P. Griffin is representing the plaintiff with this unemployment case. FindLaw states that in order to qualify for unemployment benefits, a worker must be put out of work through no fault of his or her own. If an employee quits, then he or she is not usually eligible for unemployment insurance compensation. In this case, the plaintiff is arguing that she had no choice but to quit because of a significant pay cut. It will be up to the Texas employment lawyer to argue that this constitutes as a good cause for involuntarily leaving the job.

If you have specific questions about an unemployment claim, it may help to speak with a Houston employment lawyer. For more general information, please visit our Related Resources links.

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