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Office Depot Employee Files FMLA Lawsuit Against Company

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Under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), most employees of large companies have the right to take extended time away from work in order to handle certain family or medical needs. Employers that are covered by FMLA can be sued if they don't let an employee take such time or punish an employee for taking the family medical leave.

The Southeast Texas Record reports that a manager for the Office Depot in Frisco was allegedly demoted from her position after taking time off to deal with the death of her father. Because the ex-manager, Sheri Vigoda, believes that her demotion was unlawful, she has filed a lawsuit against Office Depot of Texas LP and Office Depot Inc. in the Sherman division of the Eastern District of Texas.

The plaintiff alleges that she was informed of being demoted in title, job duties, and pay on the day that she returned from her leave. Ms. Vigoda claims that she has re-applied for a store manager position but has been denied. She believes that the reason for her demotion is based on retaliation for taking a leave of absence.

Now, the plaintiff has Texas employment lawyer Dan A. Atkerson representing her with the FMLA lawsuit. With an employment lawyer, Ms. Vigoda is seeking lost income and benefits, damages for diminished earning capacity, attorney's fees and court costs. The case could be a good opportunity for employees of Office Depot to learn about the Family Medical Leave Act and the rights and responsibilities that employees have when it comes to family medical leave.

If you have questions about FMLA, or feel that you have been denied rights under FMLA, it may be wise to speak with a Texas employment lawyer.

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