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How Unemployment Compensation Works

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Unemployment compensation can be a valuable tool in the state of Texas if you've recently lost your job. The compensation is a valuable resource for employees who have been laid off because they have some financial security while they're looking for a new job.

Unfortunately, you can't always collect unemployment compensation when you lose your job. FindLaw reports that only former employees who are out of work through no fault of their own usually qualify for such compensation. An employee who loses a job because of a layoff or an employee who is forced to leave work for a compelling personal reason can often qualify for benefits.

But what happens if you're fired from a job? Can you still apply for unemployment compensation? Not usually. You can't receive such benefits if you were fired for cause, however in some instances you could receive compensation if you were fired for financial cutbacks, or if you weren't considered a good fit for the job that you were originally hired for.

In the Lone Star state, the Texas Workforce Commission makes the initial determination of whether the former employee is eligible to get unemployment benefits, according to Business Management Daily. There are Texas employment lawyers that can handle an entire unemployment compensation case. It could be useful to contact a lawyer about the best way to get unemployment benefits.

An employer or a former employee who disagrees with the initial eligibility decision of the Texas Workforce Commission can appeal the decision within 14 days.

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