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Workers' Compensation in Houston

Workers' compensation is a state-mandated insurance program that allows employees to collect compensation if they’ve been injured at work. Through this no-fault system, employees usually can obtain payments for lost wages, medical costs, and occupational rehabilitation expenses.

Houston employment lawyers know the most up-to-date information on collecting workers' compensation benefits in the state of Texas. If you would like advice on an employment law issue, including advice on wages or benefits, you should look through FindLaw's directory to find Houston employment lawyers.

Recently in Workers' Compensation Category

Man Falls in Dough Mixer, Might Get Dough from Workers' Comp

The Houston Chronicle reported that over the first weekend in June, a man employed by the B.C. Williams Bakery fell into a giant dough mixer. The man was rescued by firefighters and the Urban Search & Rescue team, who had to cut through the dough and machinery to reach the man, according to NBCDFW.

What the man was trying to do when he fell into the mixer is anyone's guess. But with any injury on the job, it raises the question of whether the man qualifies for workers' compensation and whether proper safety measures were being followed in the bakery.

Jack's Place Robbery: A Workers' Comp Claim Worthy of a Rap Star

While it seems like only stars in the hip hop world get paid if they survive a shooting, workers' comp insurance just might pay a regular Joe if he got shot at work.

After KHOU reported this week's robbery and shooting at Jack's Place Game Room in Harris County, you might wonder if workers' compensation insurance would cover your injuries and inability to work if you were shot on the job. According to the Houston Chronicle, the manager of Jack's Place was shot in the foot after one of the perpetrators opened fire on the office door.

Largest Nonprofit Industrial Firefighting Group Sues for OT Pay

At a time when Texas is laboring with a number of wild fires, the firefighters have been busy. Busy enough to earn overtime. And now an entire group of firefighters from Refinery Terminal Fire Company, the largest nonprofit industrial firefighting group in the country, has filed a federal class action asking to be paid overtime, reports Courthouse News Service.

Refinery Terminal Fire Company apparently failed to pay the firefighters time and a half for hours worked in excess of forty hours per workweek, alleges the complaint. The Refinery Terminal firefighters allege that they were required to be "on call" for 24 hours at a time but did not receive compensation for the time they were on call past 40 hours a week.

Maritime Law: The Case of the Sea Captain Thrown Belowdeck

“All hands on deck!” also includes the Captain. And sometimes it is the Captain on the deck that gets injured.

In a case filed in a U.S. district court in the Southern District of Texas, a Louisiana sea captain claims he was injured when a rope being used to lower certain equipment broke and caused him to fall down the stairs, landing on equipment in the engine room belowdeck. Then when he tried to continue working he slipped and fell on the slippery deck, reports the Southeast Texas Record. The ship on which the alleged injury occurred was an M/V Dorado. Here is one flying the Latvian flag parked in Iceland.

Although this looks like a standard worker’s compensation issue, since it occurred on a ship, which raises issues of maritime time, the claim has been filed under the Jones Act.

At the age of 69, Sue Jeans allegedly lost her job as a clerical office worker after nearly two decades of employment with Central Title Co., reports The Southeast Texas Record. Jeans claims that she was terminated from her position in January and then replaced by a younger employee. For this reason, Jeans feels that she's been a victim of age discrimination and has filed a lawsuit against Central Venture, which does business as Central Title.

Not only is Jeans claiming age discrimination in her lawsuit, but she also alleges that the defendant retaliated against her after she filed a workers' compensation claim for an on-the-job injury.

Employee Sues For Workers' Compensation Retaliation

Under federal law, all employees have rights when it comes to workplace safety. Injured employees are usually able to receive workers' compensation insurance, no matter who was at fault for the work-related injury.

Ultimate Conroe reports that a former employee of Anderson Pollution Control recently filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging workers' compensation retaliation. Employee James Howes claimed that he sustained severe head and neck injuries while working at a plant in Pasadena and that he was told by his employer not to file a workers' compensation claim.

ACE American Accused of Wrongfully Denying Workers' Comp Claims

Did ACE American Insurance Co. improperly deny claims in some Texas workers' compensation cases? The Insurance and Financial Advisor reports that the Texas Insurance Department's Division of Workers' Compensation says that ACE American did not meet mandatory payment deadlines on some workers' compensation claims in 2008 and in 2009.

Worker Claims He was Fired For Filing Workers' Comp Claim

Through workers' compensation, an employee is often entitled to receive certain benefits when he or she suffers from an occupational disease or accidental personal injury arising out of and in the course of employment. FindLaw states that it is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for filing a workers' compensation claim. In Texas, an employer is also prohibited from telling an employee not to file a workers' compensation claim. Any employee that is terminated or retaliated against should contact a Houston employment lawyer to learn more information on filing a lawsuit.

Woman Sues Employer Over Work Related Injury

An employee of Tractor Supply Co. in Marshall, Texas is suing her employer for "failing to provide a safe place to work,"  according to the Southeast Texas Record. Linda Myers filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division after a metal and glass sign allegedly fell from the ceiling and landed onto her head. She claims that the injury caused significant medical care including cervical fusion of vertebral bodies.
An employee at Landtel Communications and Rignet claims that he was wrongfully terminated from his position as a field technician  after he filed for workers compensation benefits, according to the Southeast Texas Record. The employee also claims the company violated the Fair Labor Standards Act for failing to pay overtime rates for hours worked in excess of forty hours in a given week.