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Employment Law issues in Texas are never straightforward. Sometimes employees have difficulties with a co-worker, at other times there are racial elements, and sometimes it’s something completely unpredictable. You would be well advised to pay attention to all the different kind of employment law issues in Texas, because you never know where your own employment troubles might arise.

Further, employment law in Texas is always growing and evolving, and some claims or forms of discrimination that are not always discussed on the nightly news might be the next big employment law phenomenon. This is exactly the kind of thing a Houston Employment Law attorney pays attention to when helping Houston area workers.

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Avoid Jail or Lawsuits for April Fools' Work Pranks

April Fools' Day is nearly upon us. You might be rubbing your hands together, scheming a grand workplace caper.

But as a columnist reminds us in her piece for ABC News, sometimes an office April Fools' prank can land you a pink slip (or worse) faster than you can say "Ferris Bueller."

Here are five ways to help make sure your April Fools' prank doesn't fall legally flat:

5 Illegal Questions in Job Interviews

Small businesses looking to hire new employees need to know what questions are illegal to ask in a job interview.

Once business owners have determined what type of employees the business needs and how much they can afford to pay them, it's time to figure out what questions to ask in the interview.

To get you started, here are five illegal questions you shouldn't ask in a job interview.

Am I a Tax-Exempt Business?

With tax season heating up, many Texas businesses may be wondering if they're tax-exempt.

For the most part, all businesses are subject to franchise tax unless an exemption has been recognized by the state or IRS. No business is automatically exempt and must apply for exemption with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

So what businesses are eligible for tax-exempt status?

Can Texas Employers Ban Breastfeeding?

Following the public outcry over a Victoria's Secret customer who was not allowed to breastfeed in a fitting room, customers and business owners alike are wondering whether Texas employers can legally ban breastfeeding.

The answer to that question depends on a range of factors, including a woman's right to breastfeed and her right to accommodations.

Can You Legally Record Employees at Work?

A recent ruling from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has upheld Whole Foods' ban on recording employees at work.

The ban, which is contained in Whole Foods General Information Guide, states that it's a violation to record conversations with a tape recorder (or other recording device) unless there was prior approval.

What did the judge conclude regarding this policy? Also, can you legally record employees at your place of work?

What Legal Protections Exist for Interns?

If you're an intern currently, do you have any legal protections? Interns have been the subject of a lot of legal controversy lately -- in New York, for example, a federal judge ruled unpaid interns don't have a right to sue for harassment because they're not employees.

This problematic ruling does not necessarily mean that interns don't have any rights. But, some rights are limited or just not addressed under labor laws when it comes to interns. Here's a general overview of what interns in Texas have and don't have rights to.

Drug Testing In The Workplace: An Overview

What does Texas law say when it comes to drug testing an employee?

No employer wants to find out that they hired someone who's prone to illegal drug usage, so many pre-employment background checks are often coupled with a drug test. Sometimes, drug testing occurs randomly even after the candidate has been hired and while they are officially an employee.

What's legal and what's not, though? Here's a general overview about drug testing in the workplace in Texas:

Organizing a Labor Union? 3 Legal Reminders

The federal National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) governs the rights and responsibilities of unions and private employers. Generally, it doesn't cover public employees, independent contractors, and a few other groups of workers.

But many people don't realize that portions of the NLRA apply to all workers.

Though this area of law can be complex and confusing for both employers and employees, here are three quick legal reminders for workers who are organizing:

Top 3 Summer Job Tips for Texas Teens

Texas teens can make some much needed scratch by working during their summer vacations, and state and federal laws exist to support them.

If you're under 18 and you want to work in the Lone Star State, make sure to remember these three tips:

What Is an Employment Class Action?

Employment class action lawsuits involve a group of employees whose rights have been violated by an employer in a similar way. The class action can begin with one employee whose rights were violated under federal employment law, state law, or both.

Following the old saying of "strength in numbers," employment class actions are often used when the number of people affected by an employer's conduct is high.