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February 2014 Archives

Can You Be Fired For Being Gay?

A poll taken in 2011 showed that 90 percent of Americans mistakenly believed Congress had already passed a law granting protections against anti-gay discrimination.

But in 29 states, including Texas, you can get fired for being gay. This is because there is currently no federal, state or local law in place protecting members of the LGBT community from employment discrimination in Houston.

But the law in Houston may soon change.

Am I a Tax-Exempt Business?

With tax season heating up, many Texas businesses may be wondering if they're tax-exempt.

For the most part, all businesses are subject to franchise tax unless an exemption has been recognized by the state or IRS. No business is automatically exempt and must apply for exemption with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

So what businesses are eligible for tax-exempt status?