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What Can the EEOC Do For You?

What do you do if you believe you’ve been discriminated against at work? You might want to look into your legal options.

The traditional solution would be to sue the employer, but that’s not always the best choice. Nor is it the only one. Did you know that there is a whole federal agency designed to help discriminated employees deal with these issues?

It’s your legal voice before the boss. And it’s called the EEOC, or the Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission. It’s the little guy’s best friend.

So, what do you do, if you want to consider filing a complaint with the EEOC?

Here are your next steps and what should you expect.

First, you need to go to your state's (or region's) EEOC office and file a complaint. This usually should happen within 180 days from the discrimination. Once the complaint is filed, the EEOC investigates. It looks into whether there is enough credible evidence to support the claims. It basically lets you know if you have a case.

Next, if you don't have a case, the EEOC lets you know and issues a negative determination. You are then free to persue your case with your own lawyer if you want.

If the EEOC determines that there is a case, it issues a finding letting you know that you have a case. Then, the EEOC starts a process of conciliator, trying to work out a solution. In many cases, parties can avoid the costly and heavy burden of litigation by resolving things with the EEOC.

And in many cases, the EEOC can help you get money damages or even reinstated. But this doesn't always work. Sometimes, a lawsuit is the only way.

If you feel you've been wronged at work, maybe it's time to look into a discrimination lawsuit. Have a look at our directory of Houston employment lawyers below.

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