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Voting Day and Employment Issues in the 2012 Campaign

Ok folks, listen up! This is your last chance to decide which candidate is good for the economy -- or more specifically, which candidate is good for employment issues.

A jobs report was released this morning, just in time for Election Day. This report has been all over the news and highlights the unemployment issue.

Of course, both presidential candidates are using this report to further their campaign platform objectives.

On the Republican side, candidate Mitt Romney pounced on the 7.9% unemployment figure, claiming that President Barack Obama failed to meet his 2008 campaign promise to lower unemployment to 5%.

In Camp Obama, the argument is that he took office during the economic crisis. This was one of the worst periods of unemployment in the nation's history. Despite that, Obama claims, the nation has seen twenty-five consecutive months of job growth, USA Today reports.

Now, let's move on to health care and the effect of health care reform on employment.

Mitt Romney has long criticized Obamacare. In fact, he's even promised to repeal it.

Nevertheless, Obamacare supporters argue that repealing Obamacare would hurt disabled workers. A repeal of Obamacare would cause many disabled workers to lose out on Medicaid should they find a job, according to The Nation. Remember that Medicaid has income restrictions and with a job, many people would be over the income restrictions.

If a job doesn't have health insurance, however, the disabled worker might not have health coverage at all, The Nation opines.

Unemployment, gender disparity in the workforce, and health care were only some employment issues in the 2012 campaign season. Vote smart and inform yourself on the issues before you hit the polls on Tuesday.

Happy voting!

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