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October 2012 Archives

Harris County Woman Sues for Gender, National Origin Discrimination

National origin discrimination, or at least allegations of it, are becoming quite common in modern American workplaces. A woman in Harris County filed such a lawsuit against her former employer, APR Acquisitions Inc., after she alleged that she was wrongfully terminated.

The woman, Maria M. Nava, also alleged wage disparity based on gender (i.e. gender discrimination), claiming that men were paid more than women and that men also got promoted faster than women. APR Acquisitions conducts business under the name Double Eagle Sports & Events.

Nava, a woman of Hispanic origin, claimed that she and others of Hispanic origin were denied insurance and not invited to company events, writes The Southeast Texas Record. Nava also claims she was fired for complaining about discrimination.

Can Employers Be Held Liable for Employees' Crimes?

What happens when an employee commits a crime? Or even just a wrongful act (not necessarily a crime)?

Is the employee liable alone? Or can the employer be held liable as well?

This is an interesting question, in light of the Halliburton VP's story that we wrote about this week. Joseph Andolino, senior vice president of Halliburton's tax department, was arrested in a prostitution sting, according to the Houston Business Journal.

While his actions don't necessarily render Halliburton liable, since there are no reports that he committed the crime while on the job, it still raises the question as to when an employer can be sued for the crimes (or even torts) of its employees.

Halliburton VP Arrested for Prostitution, Will He Be Fired?

Here's a case where criminal law and employment law coincide.

A Halliburton executive was arrested a few weeks ago on prostitution charges. Interestingly, Halliburton's response to this scandal will depend largely on the exec's status with the company.

Joseph Andolino was arrested in a Harris County prostitution sting, reports The Houston Business Journal.

Binders Full of Women Don't Help Pay Disparity

This week, if you Google the phrase "binders full of women," you're bound to come up with some funny websites, memes and photos.

The phrase arose after a question was asked during the Presidential debates this week when Mitt Romney responded to a question on gender disparity in the workforce.

While the phrase has become an overnight joke, the underlying issue itself isn't as funny. Romney was asked what he would do to remedy the fact that women still get paid less than men in the workforce.

Don't Answer Discriminatory Interview Questions

Houston's job rate is improving, reports KUHF-TV. So as more Houstonians find work, that means more of them are going to job interviews.

If you're going for a job interview, you might want to make yourself aware of which job interview questions are okay and which ones are downright illegal.

You don't have to answer any illegal questions at an interview.

Houston Mayor Commemorates Disabilities Awareness Month

Inclusion treasures diversity and builds community.

This was the theme of this year's celebration honoring Disability Awareness Month in Houston.

On October 5, Houston Mayor Annise Parker hosted a celebration at the Metropolitan Multi-Service Center in honor of citizens devoted to the cause of removing barriers for individuals with disabilities, reports Your Houston News.

Open Enrollment: Time to Change Plans?

For those of you with employer sponsored health care insurance, open enrollment season is coming up.

During this time, employees have the option to make changes to their benefits. Or even to enroll in benefits for the first time.

So if you're unhappy with your current benefits package or if you want change, now's the time.

City of Houston Sued for Racial Discrimination

The City of Houston is being sued for racial discrimination, reports the Southeast Texas Record.

Chatauqya Allen is claiming that the city's Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care treated her poorly when she was employed by them.

According to the complaint, Allen was promoted twice, before being shuffled around to the role of community involvement coordinator-- a role she claimed was a demotion from her previous role as supervisor.

Walmart Sued Again for Gender Discrimination

Who doesn't like a good Walmart lawsuit story? Here's one of interest today: Walmart is being sued for employment issues, and it's not the first time.

The behemoth retailer is facing charges of gender discrimination. Again.

Texas Extends Unemployment Benefits For 9 Extra Weeks

Unemployed Texans are getting a small break. The Texas Workforce Commission announced yesterday that it would be giving unemployed Texans another nine weeks of benefits.

The benefits come under the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act, and the extension was the result of high unemployment rates in Texas. Over the past three months, the Commission says that unemployment has been at 7 percent or higher.

Millionaires Get Unemployment Benefits, Too!

One hot topic on the campaign trail is unemployment. Some Democrats are trying to paint a rosy picture regarding unemployment figures, while some Republicans are looking for ammunition to use against public assistance.

But critics on both sides may have a mutual point of contention as it relates to unemployment benefits: Thousands of American millionaires are receiving unemployment benefits, reports The Huffington Post.