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Lawsuit Claims Luby's Failed to Stop Sexual Harassment

Luby's Cafeteria is a great place to grab a bite after church on Sunday. It's just a nice wholesome restaurant where you can get some grub with the family. So why is Houston-based Luby's at the center of a sexual harassment lawsuit?

Jennifer Nelson claims a Luby's general manager created a hostile work environment and Luby's itself failed to prevent the sexual harassment, according to The Southeast Texas Record. Nelson claims the manager offered to buy her a car because she drove him crazy and told her he wanted to be the next guy she had intercourse with.

Nelson also claims that when she rejected the manager's advances, he retaliated by allegedly telling another associate manager that he planned to reduce her hours until she quit or was fired. Let's see if she has a good claim.

Sexual harassment claims can allege two types of scenarios. One is a quid pro quo situation, where a sexual favor or relationship is required to keep or obtain a job or promotion. The other is a hostile work environment, where constant sexual actions or statements can cause the workplace to be hostile.

Generally in this type of case, the employee will be required to first complain to company managers about the harassment so they have a chance to correct the situation. Since we don't know if Nelson reported the harassment to Luby's, it is up in the air as to whether Luby's will use this as a defense.

Failing to report to management might be Luby's only defense because the comments allegedly made are rather offensive and at no point does an employee's manager need to know what color her underwear is.

Luby's might be a good place to eat, but if the worker's sexual harassment lawsuit is successful, the company may soon be serving up some monetary compensation.

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