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'America's Got Talent' Stuttering Singer: Don't Lie on Your Resume

It's likely you've already heard about the stuttering war hero singer from the “America's Got Talent” show, Timothy Michael Poe. According to KHOU, the San Antonio resident and singer claimed that in 2009, he saved his buddies from a grenade attack that broke his back and gave him a serious brain injury. KHOU also reports that there are many sources coming forward to discredit most, if not all, claims that Poe has made about his life, with the largest revelation being that he left Afghanistan after a month due to injuries sustained while in training.

Another reported falsehood claimed by Poe is that he claims to have instead been injured while deployed in Iraq, according to the Houston Chronicle. The Chronicle reports that a Minnesota National Guard (where Poe served) spokesman denies that Poe was ever deployed to Iraq, instead missing deployment for an unnamed medical condition.

What Poe may not have realized was that anyone would check on his claims the same way an employer looks into a potential employee's claims on their resume.

In these dire economic times, employers are looking more closely at resumes, with any adulteration usually leading to loss of a job and diminishment of reputation. To not lie on a resume is one of the most basic recommendations to job seekers because even small lies could give employers the idea that they should be wary of your background as a whole.

The issue is that most employers will conduct at least some kind of background check. Even though more detailed background checks require your permission, withholding that permission may put the employer on guard and inspire them to do as much background research as they can.

What Timothy Michael Poe forgot was that the larger the claim you make, the more people are going to check it out. He also should have known that if he was the amazing stuttering singer on "America's Got Talent" that plenty of people would see him and double-check his facts. Don't be like Poe, don't lie on a resume unless you want to get fired.

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