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Texas Nude Maid Service Causes Stir

Who would have thought that it would be Texas at the forefront of a nude maid service kerfuffle, reports Huffington Post.

Melissa Borrett, the founder of a Texas nude maid service called Fantasy Maid Service, is attracting a lot of attention in Lubbock, Texas, because she is charging $100 an hour to clean people's homes in lingerie or naked.

While the controversy that the Lubbock nude maid service has garnered has to do with the issue of obtaining licenses and permits for maintaining a sexually oreinted business, but given that Melissa Borrett has hired three more employees also raises other employment law type of questions.

The foremost among these has to do with the kind of policies that will be put in place for the employees.

So far the Lubbock nude maid service has been very forthright and blunt about its policies, saying that no physical contact between maids and clients is acceptable and those customers that violate the policies will not be able to book maids in the future and maids that do will be terminated.

But while prohibitions against physical or sexual conduct are probably quite important, issues might arise as a result of what sexual contact means. What, for example, is the policy if a repeat customers begins to use the maid service as a sort of emotional outlet or psychological therapy? And what happens if some customers begin giving giant tips to their favorite maids without the tips being disclosed to the employer. What if the clients think that tip gives then certain privileges?

All of these are issues (along with more) that Melissa Borrett will have to address in the future. And one way to do so would be to retain an attorney and write a comprehensive employee handbook, as recommended here at FindLaw.

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