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Former Managers Sue: Muslims of Arab Descent Accuse IHOP

A group of Arab-American former managers of Dallas area IHOP restaurants have filed a lawsuit against their employer alleging religious and nationality discrimination, reports ABC News.

The four men, who are described in their filings as "Muslims of Arab descent" are named Hussein Chamseddine, Rami Saleh, Brandon Adam, and Chekri "Sam" Bakro. Before being fired they had worked for IHOP anywhere between 12 to 24 years.

They were all fired in less than a year from IHOPs that they managed in Plano, Forth, Arlington, and Burleson, reports Dallas Observer.

The Arab-American former managers of Dallas area IHOP restaurants had been hired by John Anthraper, of Anthraper Investments, which owns many IHOPs in the area. The former-managers cite John’s son Alex Anthraper’s harassment regarding their religion and ethnicity and allege that proper termination procedure was not followed. However, the complaint also alleges that John Anthraper made derogatory remarks towards the Muslims of Arab descent as well. The Anthrapers are Indian Christians.

The former IHOP managers filed their lawsuit after getting clearance from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, reports The Dallas Morning News.

Regardless of where this particular case ends up, the EEOC’s so called Charge Processing Procedures that preceded the lawsuit here, are very important for every employee to understand. The charge processing procedure allows a potential employee-victim to have part of the case investigated by the EEOC and then to receive a right to sue letter that would allow the plaintiff to head to court where he or she may ask for damages.

An EEOC’s right to sue letter is not proof that there was discrimination involved, just that there may be a valid case. The employee may then follow up with legal action by a private attorney.

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