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Few More Minorities in Senior Level Positions in Government

Minorities may finally be making a little bit of headway in securing senior level positions in the United States, reports the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

In the Annual Report on the Federal Work Force Part II: Work Force Statistics, Fiscal Year (FY) 2010, it was found that over the last ten years, minorities have made a gain all across the board in the federal work force.

The breakdown of the work force is such that men make up 56% of the total and women 44%. Of that total, 65% were white; about 18% were black; about 8% were Latino; and about 6 % were Asian.

According to the EEOC, while the federal government has shown improvement for minorities in senior level positions, the private sector could improve a whole lot more.

In the private sector, one of the challenges minorities sometimes face is that of discrimination. There are various different ways of dealing with discrimination.

One of these is to make your employer aware that you feel you are being discriminated against or harassed. It is likely that many illegal acts of discrimination and harassment go unrecognized or unpunished because the victim does not make it clear that the conduct is unacceptable and unwelcome.

Rare is the case where employers will readily admit to discrimination or harassment and help you to draft legal papers against them. Your employer is responsible for complying with the law, but you alone are responsible for making sure your personal rights are protected.

However, if you want to avoid direct confrontation with a supervisor in dealing with discrimination, you could consider having a quiet consult with a private attorney. He or she might be able to confirm whether or not you have a plausible discrimination allegation.

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