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EEOC Helps Fight Coerced Labor and Human Trafficking in the USA

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is tasked with many things related to enforcing the federal anti-discrimination laws. However, it also has a secondary responsibility, reports the U.S. State Department in a report on human trafficking in the USA, and that is helping other federal agencies in the fight against trafficking.

At first blush it may not be obvious what an agency related to employment, which generally covers employers that have at least 15 employees, has to do with human trafficking, but a little reflection helps to make the point more clear.

The EEOC has a role in preventing trafficking because sometimes what some people first experience as sexual harassment at a workplace can also be a form of coerced labor, reports the State Department’s report. As such, the EEOC has to be very aware of the nature of human trafficking and what forms it takes, whether it is in entertainment establishments, or in more staid and professional looking places of employment.

And sexual trafficking is not the only kind of human trafficking that the EEOC can identify. Once aware of the nature of human trafficking, it can also assist other agencies in identifying the issue on workplaces such as egg farms, welding yards, and garment factories.

This report simply highlights the importance of the EEOC in the American workplace.

Since the EEOC is so central to a worker’s life, it might also be informative to look at the EEOC’s charge processing procedure, as compiled by the researchers at FindLaw. This outlines the way an employee can bring a legal complaint against his or her employer.

For yet more information you can speak to a local employment attorney. Many often provide a free first consultation.

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