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Desperate Housewives Firing Lawsuit for Nicollette Sheridan

Desperate Housewives star, Nicollette Sheridan, was killed off on the show, but that has given life to a big lawsuit, reports The Associated Press.

The details, like the show itself, are a bit scandalous. Turns out that Sheridan may have been slapped (or given a hard artistic tap, depending on who you ask) by executive producer Marc Cherry. Then, after Sheridan was killed off on the show, she filed a wrongful termination case.

Nicollette Sheridan was scheduled as the first witness, and later, Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, and Marcia Cross might testify as well.

The term "wrongful termination" means that an employer has fired or laid off an employee for illegal reasons in the eyes of the law. Illegal reasons for termination include:

  • Firing in violation of federal and state anti-discrimination laws;
  • Firing as a form of sexual harassment;
  • Firing in violation of oral and written employment agreements;
  • Firing in violation of labor laws, including collective bargaining laws; and
  • Firing in retaliation for the employee's having filed a complaint or claim against the employer.

So, was Nicollette Sheridan's "triple homicide" death on the show, a spill-over of the fight with Marc Cherry? That is what the court case will be trying to determine.

As the case goes forward, evidence will be presented from behind the scenes, which would include plot outlines and diagrams to show what is normal practice in the industry. In that way, this case will go forward in very similar fashion to a wrongful termination case featuring someone of less celebrity status.

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