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McDonald's Easing Unemployment By Adding 50,000 Jobs to Workforce

If you’re unemployed and actively looking for a job, then you may want to consider picking up an application at McDonald’s. According to CNN Money, the company is planning a one-day hiring spree, with the fast-food chain stating that they plan to add 50,000 new employees to its workforce on April 19.

While most people probably don’t see McDonald’s as the most desirable employer to work for, the company brags that McDonald’s offers medical benefits, opportunities for advancement, and flexible working hours. The new jobs being offered are also not all just over-the-counter positions, but management positions as well. It might not be a bad idea to see what’s specifically being offered.

The average pay for the entry level jobs is at $8.30 per hour. MSNBC reported that the company has stated that it would spend $518 million in wages to hire the 50,000 new workers, which comes down to an average of $10,360 per worker.

The 50,000 new hires at McDonalds will also increase the U.S. workforce to 700,000 from its current level of 650,000. This job growth is a significant sign of an improving job market. Even with more jobs available, unemployed Texans still have access to Unemployment Insurance if they were put out of work through no fault of their own.

Those who qualify for state unemployment benefits are usually employees who have been laid off, wrongfully discharged, or forced to leave employment for a compelling reason. More information about unemployment benefits services in Texas can be found through the Texas Workforce Commission website.

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