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Many Texas State Employees to Experience Layoffs

At a time where the state is strapped for cash, the Texas government is now in a place where layoffs have become an essential way to overcome a $15 million shortfall. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice and Texas Education Agency are just two government sectors that will have to soon cut employees.

The Houston Chronicle reports that 555 jobs at Texas prisons will be eliminated due to the Department of Criminal Justice's need to cut spending. The workforce reduction will reportedly not affect the number of prison guard positions that the state currently has, but the layoffs will consist of losing 400 administrative and support jobs as well as 155 positions at Project RIO (Re-Integration of Offenders).

The Texas Education Agency currently has thousands of workers employed by the state, but officials have declined to say how many education workers will be given pink slips this year. CBS News reported that TEA has already cut about $160 million from its own budget and that the agency began its layoffs on February 22.

Layoffs can be difficult, especially in times of such economic uncertainly. Fortunately, people put out of work through no fault of their own usually qualify to receive unemployment benefits as long as he or she has enough employment tenure to be eligible under the state's Unemployment Insurance program. In addition to layoffs, an employee can also be eligible for Unemployment Insurance if he or she has been wrongfully discharged or has been forced to leave employment for a compelling reason.

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