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Employee Terminated After E-mail About Creationism Seminar

Christina Castillo Comer has not given up on her employment law case about wrongful termination in Texas. The former director of the science program for Texas public schools claims that she was fired after a dispute over creationism, according to the Associated Press.

With a Texas employment lawyer, Christina Comer filed a lawsuit after her wrongful termination in 2007, but a federal judge in Austin dismissed the case in 2009. The woman is now appealing that decision with a three-judge panel from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans.

The plaintiff states that she was told to quit her job or she would be fired from her position after she forwarded an e-mail about a presentation by a Southeastern Louisiana University philosophy professor opposed to teaching creationism in schools. She simply just forwarded the event information and left the comment "FYI."

Her employer has asserted that the e-mail violated the "neutrality" policy of the school by airing personal opposition to creationism. Yet Christina Comer claims that the agency has an unwritten, unconstitutional policy of treating creationism as science. Some Texas employment lawyers argue that the employer's neutrality policy also violates the First Amendment's establishment clause because it endorses a religious belief.

FindLaw states that there are many factors that can make termination from a job "wrongful." In some cases, a judge can rule that the employer pay punitive damages to the terminated employee. People who are fired from their positions may have rights to severance pay, damages, or unemployment compensation under certain conditions, where Houston employment lawyers can usually help a person understand his or her rights when losing a job. See FindLaw's directory to contact a lawyer.

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