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Sleeping on Job Gets Woman Fired...Or Was it Something Else?

Teresa Wright was told that she was fired from her position at Fisher Controls International LLC for falling asleep on the job, but the woman claims that this was not the real reason for her termination. Instead, Teresa Wright claims that it was her gender that caused her to be terminated, as stated in the Southeast Texas Record.

According to a harassment and discrimination complaint filed in the Eastern District of Texas, Teresa Wright was hired to work with Fisher Controls International in the assembly department in 2005. She was eventually assigned to work on receiving docks, but alleges that she was harassed throughout the time that she worked on the receiving docks. The woman claims that she was treated differently than male employees who were similarly situated.

The former employee now has Texas employment lawyer Benjamin A. Baker taking on her case. A lawsuit was filed against the company on March 18, where the court assignment is now pending.

While it could be difficult for the Texas employment lawyer to prove that the plaintiff's termination was due to sex discrimination, the former employee is still asking the federal court to award damages, punitive damages, court costs, and attorneys' fees.

Sex discrimination in the workplace violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. FindLaw states that there are many different forms of sex discrimination, which include unequal pay, discriminatory job standards, failure to promote, sexual harassment, termination due to a person's sex, as well as many other forms.

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