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Job Fair In Draws a Large Crowd

A job fair in Houston that happened earlier this week may be one of the biggest indicators that people in Harris County are still desperate to find employment. Fox News reports that there were dozens of unemployed Houstonians that showed up to the event on the southwest side of town on Wednesday.

There were 150 people that went to the West Gray Multi-service Center in the first 20 minutes of the fair in Houston. Some job seekers were forced to wait for hours if they wanted to talk to some select companies. And while a crowded job fair can be a good indicator of a desperate economy, the unemployment rate in Houston still amazingly stands better than most other regions of the country.

Houston's unemployment rate still stands at about 8.5 percent, which is actually down from January's 8.8 percent unemployment rate, according to the Houston Chronicle. Statewide the unemployment rate is sitting at 8.2 percent, but nationally the unemployment rate is at 9.7 percent. So perhaps people in Houston shouldn't be too worried about high unemployment, because the city is still far below the national average.

While unemployment can affect many people in the Houston community, there are things that people can do to make ends meet if they were recently put out of a job. Workers who are unemployed should consider applying for unemployment benefits. FindLaw states that many workers who are covered under Unemployment Insurance (UI) are entitled to receive benefits if unemployed, as long as they were put out of work through no fault of their own. Houston employment lawyers can often guide local residents through the process of an Unemployment Insurance claim and can answer any other questions about unemployment benefits.

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