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Houston Employment Lawyer Settles Suit With Pace Services

Pace Services L.P., a Houston-area construction company, has agreed to pay a former employee $122,500 and provide additional remedial relief to settle a discrimination lawsuit that was filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The plaintiff, Mohammad Kaleemuddin, is of East Indian descent and asserted that a Pace supervisor referred to him as "terrorist," "Taliban," "Osama," and "Al-Qaeda."

Occupational Health and Safety News reports that even with numerous complaints, Mohammad Kaleemuddin claimed that Pace Services never took action to stop the racial harassment. Such harassment is in violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

FindLaw states that Title VII prohibits intentional discrimination based on ancestry or ethnicity among employers that employ 15 or more employees. Promoting a racially hostile environment is a form of racial discrimination. Ethnic slurs, racial jokes, offensive comments, or other verbal abuse can constitute as unlawful harassment in the workplace.

Perhaps EEOC's Houston Employment Lawyer Jim Sacher said it best when he told Occupational Health and Safety News, "Employees have an absolute right to be free from discriminatory harassment in the workplace. The EEOC will vigorously challenge violations of this statutory right."

Under the terms of the consent decree settling the suit, Pace Services will pay $61,250 in relief to compensate Mohammad Kaleemuddin. In addition, the company will pay $61,250 that is to be distributed among other employees who were harassed in the workplace. Pace's owners also agreed to sign a letter of apology for the harassment and has agreed to provide employee training on how to prevent future discrimination and harassment on the job.

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