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Former Employee Sues Brookshire Grocery Company

A woman from Shreveport, Louisiana has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Brookshire Grocery Company, alleging that she was repeatedly harassed on the job and that she was denied promotions by supervisors because of her African American race. The plaintiff, Carmencita Patton, claims that she suffered emotional stress and physical ailments, as a result of the discrimination.

The Shreveport Times reports that Carmencita Patton is seeking back pay, compensatory and punitive damages with the racial discrimination lawsuit. The plaintiff, along with many Texas Employment lawyers, is hoping that this particular racial discrimination lawsuit gets resolved. 

"That store is the headquarters -- the queen bee hive of discrimination," Carmencita Patton told Shreveport Times. "It's time for it to stop."

Brookshire Grocery Company is based in Tyler, Texas. The grocery chain has approximately 150 supermarket locations in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas. The company has faced similar accusations by other former employees.

Shreveport resident Sheila Ann Gilbert alleged that she was dismissed from her deli counter job because of racial prejudice at the company's Bert Kouns Industrial Loop location. Another former employee named Chris Walpool has filed a complaint with the U.S Equal Opportunity Employment Commission, alleging that he was the subject of disability discrimination as a sickle cell anemia patient. He also claims that he was a victim of racial discrimination with the company.

Racial discrimination is illegal under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, according to FindLaw. Anybody who works in a racially hostile environment with a large company should contact a Houston employment lawyer to learn more about filing a discrimination claim.

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